Privacy Policy

We don't like to make things more complicated than they need to be, so our privacy policy is easy to read and even easier to understand.

1) We use Google Analytics. This lets us know all sorts of things, such as what you searched for to get here, how long you spent on each page, and what sort of computer you use. Don't worry, it doesn't store your name or email address. It just helps us know how we're being found, and what is being viewed. More information can be found here.

2) Aside from Google Analytics, the only time Strikemedia or Ireland's Farm Machinery records anything about your computer is if you interact with us by sending an email through the form.

We store what we require to give you an enjoyable browsing experience. If you have any questions about your privacy in relation to the use of the Ireland's Farm Machinery website then please contact Strikemedia from their website.
If you have equipment that you would like to sell or are interested in any of the items shown please contact us by Email (sales/info) or by telephone.

Carrington: +44 (0) 1205 480460
Sutterton: +44 (0) 1205 460600
Market Rasen: +44 (0) 1673 842222