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26th July 2019

We are very pleased to inform you that as from July 26th 2019, the assets of AJ Saul Hire have been purchased by

Ireland’s Farm Machinery Ltd. This has been done in a completely amicable manner and Ireland’s Farm Machinery

Ltd will continue to run the business as normal as it has been over the last twenty five years.

As some of you are aware the AJ Saul hire business was started in 1994 by Jonathan and the late John Saul, and was

sealed by a Gentleman’s Agreement and a handshake, to this day the same open and trusting relationship still


It was always the intention from the start at some point that Jonathan and Fiona would eventually take over the hire

business and it has been a tremendous relationship over the last 25 years, with the takeover agreed at the end of

last year to start today.

All hire contracts that are in place will remain the same and those that are ongoing with AJ Saul Hire will be

converted to Ireland’s Farm Machinery Ltd. All hire invoices will be sent from Ireland’s Farm Machinery Ltd from now


We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your business in the past and Irelands Farm Machinery Ltd look

forward to many more years of serving you in the future.

Jonathan & Fiona Ireland

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