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This machine is very popular for farmers that are currently practising or looking to move into CTF however it is aimed at eradicating wheelings in all farming practises. We have the machine on large & medium horsepower tractors however it depends what setup the farmers are using the machine in. Generally the CTF setups have  higher horsepower due to the widths of implements that they are pulling. The machine has been designed and built to be used in all circumstances. The HD TE is designed and built to tow cultivators, press or drills and has the ability to lift/lower the legs in/out of work without interrupting the rear towing height.

A strong and robust frame that is built with 8m – 12m trailing implements in mind. The versatility and ability in having the loosesning legs in/out of work is a key feature of the machine. The front cutting discs are on the same service which means the machine is very easy to operate and can be easily set up in the headland management screen.  The machine replicates the tractor drawbar height, allowing you to lift and lower the wheel eradicator legs whilst on the move, without affecting trailing implement setup.

Options and Specifications

  •  CAT 3 & CAT 4 Frame
  • ​Low disturbance legs can be moved to suit the wheel centres required
  • Hydraulic Front Disc system
  • Choice of rear hitch attachment
  • Shear bolt and Auto Reset protection available
  • Hydraulically adjustable leg depth
  • Designed to pull trailing implements on towing eye or semi mounted drawbar

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