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Ploughing is for the majority of farmers one of the most efficient methods to control weeds, create humus and prepare soil for seeding efficiently. Keeping an eye on the bottom line is equally important. The burial of residues must be perfect and easy to achieve while cost must be minimized: low fuel consumption, low wearing of parts, low lifting capacities, low pull requirements. Comfort in transport and in operations is a must in modern farming. The plough must be robust and lasts long as any profitable investments.

Designed for large areas. It adapts to varying soil types and conditions.

The advantages:

  • rear wheel for optimized weight transfer from the wheel of the plough to the tractor’s rear wheels. Benefits are: easy pulling, minimized fuel consumption, good ploughing depth control, high quality ploughing.
  • large wheel for best stability especially in wet conditions. It limits sinking and soil compaction.
  • aero-profile legs for best soil flow.
  • centrally adjustable skimmers for quick operations for higher ploughing performance
  • robust construction: Cat III / IV, 200 x 200 mm main frame (no welding that would weaken it)
  • unsurpassed longevity thanks to the Kverneland steel heat treatment technology to the complete plough.
  • safe reversing and minimal headlands thanks to the robust turnover mechanism for an optimal angle.
  • reliable Variomat® system for “On the Move” working width adjustments.
  • Non-stop ploughing with the unrivalled Kverneland Auto-reset system. No maintenance. Easy to add/remove leaf springs.
  • hydraulic or manual front furrow adjustment
  • excellent manoeuvrability of the plough during work and transport
  • Kverneland Packer available

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