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Easily adaptable to different soil conditions and tractors

The LS model has been the best seller among Kverneland mounted ploughs for decades! Their common specific design brings their center of gravity closer to the tractor. Hence, LS plough is very easy to lift.

The interbody clearance of 85cm or 100cm gives the possibility to plough regardless of weather or crop conditions. For large amount of residues, the 115 cm interbody clearance is also available.

The advantages of Kverneland LS plough:

  • Kverneland ploughs have an exceptional long life span thanks to the Kverneland steels and heat treatment technology.
  • Reduced lift requirements compared to other brands
  • Easy to pull, adjust and operate
  • Automatic pulling line adjustment: Auto-line.
  • Shearbolt protection for LS
  • Equipped with Variomat – Vari-width® system for “on the move” ploughing width adjustments
  • Packomat compatible
  • Any 3,4,5 furrow models can be extended by 1 furrow. 3 to max. 6 furrow plough
  • Kverneland ES 2 furrows exists as a competition plough: the reversible plough of the National and World Ploughing Champions.

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