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The RN model is robust semi-mounted reversible ploughs with a 200×200 mm induction heat treated frame. These Kverneland ploughs feature a centre-mounted wheel and an easy manual stepwise furrow width adjustment.

In-Furrow & On-Land operations Kverneland RN is designed for In-Furrow & On-Land operations.

Adjustments between In-Furrow and On-Land and vice-versa are hydraulic:

  • On-Land RN model can also plough In-Furrow
  • In-Furrow RN model can be retrofitted with an On-Land Kit

The advantages of the PN and RN ploughs:

  • For the best durability, unique Kverneland steels and heat treatment technology are used for the entire ploughs
  • A center mounted wheel, for easy ploughing out to fences and hedges
  • Safe and smooth reversal of the plough ensured by a turnover mechanism being linked to the wheel assembly
  • Unique headstock for minimum turning circle. Cat. III or IV
  • Gentle movement between the turnover arm and the frame via plastic wear plates. No lubrification needed and less noise.
  • Easy adjustment of the wheel angle when changing the ploughing width, via a turnbuckle
  • Optional hydraulic front furrow width adjustment for In-Furrow models
  • Large clearance up to 115cm for long residues
  • No maintenance. Shearbolt protections for RN
  • Extendable by 1 furrow to the maximum number of furrows indicated in the chart below
  • Possibility to fit a Kverneland packer arm

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